How I Formed a New Habit in 30 Days (Waking up at 6am)

how to wake up at 6am

I enjoy waking up early, well at least for the last six months. Before that, I dreaded mornings. I would set up my alarm at 6am and place it next to me. Immediately it rang in the morning, I would press the snooze button and get back to sleep. And that was my habit since my college days.

how to wake up at 6amNowadays, there is nothing that excites me than listening to the melodious chirps of my pet bird, watching the stunning rays of the sun rise and the early morning dew fall. I have also formed a new hobby for the extra two hours I have after waking up at 6am. There are so many benefits of waking up early.

These days I can mediate and write comfortably on all the things that interests me in life. Actually, I have a past with this hobby. I loved writing when I was younger, but once I fell in love with morning sleep and the job became overwhelming, I kind of gave up. I used to do a lot of food writing. And I still do. For example, you can check out my latest quesadilla recipe. But lately I’ve been shifting into more diverse writing subjects.

I know you also have something you would love to do if you had an extra one or two hours. Unfortunately we all have 24 hours, and you are probably busy throughout the day.

But you see you can only be as busy as you want to be. You can’t have everything you want in life, and that is why you probably have to choose between sleeping until 8.30am or working till late in the evening to achieve your goals. Maybe you probably have the desire to wake up early anyway, but you can’t just help it in the morning. This article is for you.

To show you how I gradually gave up my love for sleeping up to thirty minutes before the official time to arrive at my work place, to comfortably waking at 6am without the help of an alarm, all in thirty days.

There Will Be Mishaps and Relapses

Sometimes when you have a very important thing to do early the next morning, your body will respond by naturally waking you up even before you scheduled wake up time. But that does not always happen, especially if you wake up later than 8am, like I used to.

I remember during my first month trying to wake up earlier, I would set up morning meetings with friends I wouldn’t want to disappoint, and it worked for the days I tried it out. However, the greatest drawback with the method was that since the meetings were not always important, I would relax and tell myself I will do them later.

Stop Procrastination

benefits of waking up earlyYes, procrastination became my thing. I would try waking up early for several days and then I would say, “I can always start next month,” until I realized I didn’t have to form the new habit in a day, not even in a week or two.

After reading several articles that you can slowly form a wake up early habit by adjusting your alarm every day albeit with few minutes, I decided to try it out. On the first day I adjusted my alarm to 7.45am and it stayed that way for a week. Did it work you may ask? No, it didn’t. I got back to procrastination again. Grrr!!

Think of something that excites you

But then I realized waking up didn’t have to be a burden. I had recently learnt how to play an electric guitar, and I really liked it.  My friend had actually said he would help me join a local band if I perfected my art. So, to get motivation every morning, I decided to setup my alarm at 7am for one week, and I would spend one hour each day playing my guitar. From that day, never did I relapse again.

Jump out of bed and, take a glass of water and pee

Immediately my 7am alarm rang, I would jump out of bed, drink some water and pee. Yes, don’t wake up sluggishly. Place your alarm some distance from you, and when it goes off, jump out of bed. After peeing I realized I couldn’t get back to bed again. After all, I really was excited to learn how to play my guitar.

Sleeping Early Helps

Do you love binge watching movies in the evening? I am not saying you quit, but ensure you get to bed before 11pm. A normal human being requires at least 7 hours of sleep time. Early to bed, early to rise, remember?

Avoid Excuses and adjust your schedule

If you think sleeping early might affect your relationship with your spouse, you can both decide to wake up early and exercise or drink coffee together in the morning.

But you may still feel free to adjust things up so that you can have time to enjoy all the things you love and feel excited to wake up early. Like lately, I’ve started working out every day on an inversion table. So this creates perfect extra time in the morning for this.

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