My Favorite Recipe for Quesadillas

how to make a chicken quesadilla

Quesadillas have come a long way since they became popular in Mexico. Today, you can try out cheese quesadilla; turkey quesadilla, chicken or even add yesterday’s leftovers to your quesadilla and have your guest screaming out for more at your next cocktail party. In fact, quesadillas can be whatever you want it to be.

Before I give you my favorite quesadillas recipe, which I am very sure you will fall in love with, here are the basics of making a quick quesadillas meal.

  1. how to make a chicken quesadillaUsing a skillet, warm a tortilla and top up with fillings and cheese.
  2. Once everything is warm, fold your flour tortilla gently without breaking it- If you want to get crispy pieces of quesadillas, just use a little amount of oil and butter. Too much oil often leads to a greasy tortilla that will be difficult to fold
  3. Know that temperatures vary, but electric stoves are always quick when cooking quesadillas. Okay, gas stoves can cook fast too, but you will need to adjust the temperatures a little bit higher
  4. Be free to try out fillings from different cultures- Sometimes people feel limited to use South American fillings only. However, as long as your cheese will melt and hold the fillings into proper shape, why get afraid?

Well, here goes my favorite quesadillas delicacy; chicken quesadillas. It is juicy, succulent, yummy and very easy to make. And like preparing tortilla, making a chicken quesadillas for three could take you about forty five minutes. Besides, you will need very few ingredients here. With a pound of skinless, diced chicken breast, one packet of fajita seasoning and ten inches of flour tortillas, you are only one step from making chicken quesadillas!

Additional Ingredients

  • One chopped onion
  • Two chopped red bell peppers
  • Two chopped green bell peppers
  • One table spoon vegetable oil
  • One table spoon bacon bits
  • A packet of shredded Monterey cheese


  1. quesadilla recipePreheat the broiler and grease it with a baking sheet
  2. Place the chicken seasoned with fajita on the baking sheet and cook it on the broiler for about five minutes. Be sure that the chicken is fully cooked however, unless you want your guests never to visit you again. On average, chicken under 1750 C should cook properly in five minutes.
  3. If you have a large saucepan, use it to heat oil for about three minutes. Place the chopped onion and pepper pieces into the oil and wait for about ten minutes after they are all softened.
  4. After you have cut out your tortilla pieces as you desire, layer them onto the vegetable and chicken mixture, and add your fillings on top. In our case, add the bacon bits, cheddar cheese and the Monterey cheese. Be a good cook and watch the food as cheese melts. Also, been keen not to burn the tortilla.
  5. Leave your quesadillas for another ten minutes in the preheated oven just to ensure cheese is properly melted.
  6. Once cooked, you can place them back to the baking sheet. Slice them into wedges and serve your guests accordingly.

While I love chicken quesadillas dearly, I have severally made the following mistakes. Some of them are tempting ingredients you add, or missing a step or two as you prepare the food.

  • Using corn tortillas – People who enjoy tacos will sometime get tempted to make corn tortillas. From my experience with quesadillas however, stick to flour tortillas. They are easy to flip and fold, and are more delicious with the common quesadillas ingredients.
  • Don’t cut your tortilla into two, yet – While this is not a big deal, using two tortillas to prepare quesadillas could prove frustrating as you try to flip them or hold the fillings together. Instead, just add your filling onto half of a spread tortilla, fold it and add more fillings on top.
  • Just keep it simple – I can’t over emphasize the need to limit the use of oil with your quesadillas. In addition, ensure that all your ingredients are proportional, and that the amount of cheese you use will be able to hold everything together.
  • Seafood and cheese don’t always go well together – Don’t get afraid to use them though, especially if you can limit your cheese to proper amounts.
  • Don’t burn your tortilla – They cook very fast, and a single mistake could see you dealing with totally burnt tortillas. They are supposed to be crispy and golden, remember?
  • Don’t let your food get cold  – Quesadillas is always good when warm, if you wait for long, the cheese will harden and make your delicacy look soggy.

The best thing about quesadillas is that you can prepare it any time as long as you have the basic ingredients. Try the meal a few days and it could soon become your staple meal.

This is my favourite recipe. I like it that it’s so simple, yet makes the most delicious meal. And it’s perfect for taking to lunch at work. Since taking up the 30 day challenge of waking up at 6 am, I not only have time to work out on my inversion table, but also sometimes I have enough time to prepare the quesadillas for lunch or dinner for my kids.


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