My 30 day Fitness Challenge on an Inversion Table

30 day fitness challenge

Ever since I decided to become an early riser, I have found passion in writing, meditating and most importantly working out. I find working out fun and good for my health, and really not as painful as you will see below. So, if you are someone who dreads the “no pain no gain” saying many gym goers keep yelling at us who don’t really visit a physical gym, listen to me keenly.

30 day fitness challengeYou have probably heard about it, or you even have one at home; an inversion table. When I first heard about this table and how it could help you improve your health through simple exercises, I never thought it could one day turn out to be my every morning ritual. In fact, while its uniqueness struck me, my first experience with an inversion table was awful.

I weighed around 100 pounds at the time (probably the result of too many quesadillas, as I love them too much) and with all blood gushing into my head as I tried out some exercises, for a moment I thought I was going to die. I was that weak. But I knew I had to do something about my health, and no wonder I never gave up even after feeling challenged for the first few days. Also, to find time for this workout I also taught myself to wake up earlier. It was also quite a challenge. To read on it you can check out my other article. But it really was an amazing experience.

Today, am going to show you how easy it can be to start a simple fitness challenge with an inversion table. Our challenge will only take thirty days, and if you don’t like it, you may quit. Actually, the inversion workout exercises can be hard on your hips and ankles as you start out. At the time, your body will be in an adjustment mood. It takes time to get used to for sure. But no matter the setbacks, let me share my great experience with you.

My Stress Level Lowered

Earlier on I had mentioned I have not always been an early riser. Back then, I would wake up at 8am feeling very stressed every day because there was always a ton of things to do before work. Nowadays, every morning I sit on my inversion table and feel blood flow into my brain, I always feel relaxed. You know why? Inversion helps oxygen rich blood flow into your brain faster, and thus a better brain function. Just ask anyone who does yoga, it is the same science.

My Back Pains Reduced

When I was technically obese, running for a few minutes would make my back pain. With the help of cycling, simple jogging exercises and the inversion table however, I feel like my back muscles are now relaxed. I used to try some simple upside sit ups and crunches while on the table, get out and do some squats, do some stretching, and in a few weeks, I had changed immensely.

Found the Workouts Easier and Better

fitness on an inversion tableThe greatest benefit with the inversion able is that it helps you do a range of exercises without straining a lot. You know, the reason why weight lifting and some other gym work outs are so difficult is because they involve working against the forces of gravity.

They are beneficial after all, but what if there is a better way to stay fit? Take inverted crunches for instance; they will be part of my 30 days fitness challenge for you. But they are very simple to carry out with an inversion table, because your back isn’t subjected to a lot of pressure.

I had Better Flexibility and Joint Health

The science that makes you develop muscles with little straining with an inversion table is what that also make your joints feel better. Inversion really helped my joints decompress and relax. After only three months, I had already noticed that I had become more flexible than I ever was before.

Okay, enough of my experience. My goal here was to show you how beneficial a short workout program with the inversion table was to me. How those simple upside sit-ups, crunches and squats really helped improve my health. I actually remember how many compliments I got from people who thought I looked younger and healthier after my first thirty days with the program.

But that’s not even the gist of trying out the inversion program. The feeling that I could finally feel comfortable with my weight, feel relaxed and be able to do all the things I loved to do with feeling inconvenienced by having to go to the gym made me feel inspired to help others do something about their health.

Just ditch the “am not athletic” attitude. If you still have nightmares from your failed workout program, this is a whole different thing. It only takes about thirty minutes of your time, and as a beginner, I would probably recommend:

  • Partial Inversion stretching exercises
  • Do plenty of sit-ups
  • Try out Inversion table stretching
  • Inverted squats

Since we are all different, I would also advise that you decide how many rounds you should do for every workout session. After thirty days, just reach out to me and share your experience.

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