Review–pv.Body : My new motivation

Everything in my life has been flipped upside down these last 5 months.  I hate change but this move and new job changed everything.  One of the biggest changes has been my workout routine.  For me working out has always been a function of habit and I don’t have any habits here quite yet.  I’m building them slowly and Christmas crazy work busy time has restricted a lot of what I’ve built.  I haven’t been to Zumba in 3 weeks, unless you count Saturday when I actually was up and dressed for class but the instructor changed the schedule for the holiday.  And gym membership has been put on hold until after January when A) work will pay for it and B)  I will have time to use it.

Workouts keep me sane so I’ve been in a bit of a funk.  Then I opened my cedar closet and saw my workout step, yoga mat, and medicine ball, you know the important things to keep in a cedar closet.  Instead of lamenting I couldn’t get to the gym I pulled out the equipment and finally set up some gym space at home.  It makes the most sense for middle of the day, after work or heck even middle of the night insomnia workouts.  In the last week I’ve yoga podcasts, Nike Training Club Workouts, and some basic strength during commercials of my favorite shows. 


A nice motivation to create a these new at-home habits was pv.Body.  I was contacted by them to be a part of their blogger review team after Fitbloggin’ and really wanted to live up to the fitness goals I set for myself and put out for my readers.  Follow through is important and for me a reward system works so the subscription service is perfect.


So how really does pv.Body work?

  1. Take the pv.Body style quiz?  This determines your likes and needs for the items being sent. Small, medium, large?  Bright colors & patterns or solids & neutrals?  Shorty shorts or capris? Tanks or long sleeves?
  2. The experts will put together a personalized outfit for you. One top and one bottom based on your style quiz.  Brands vary but are best matched with your preferences to create one complete outfit a month.
  3. Cute new athletic gear delivered to your door every month!  And it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg.  Subscriptions are $49 a month for two pieces of brand named workout gear valued around $120.  **Quick note: The price is increasing by $10 as of December 1st but if you sign up today you will be locked in at the $39 rate.**

I told pv.Body I liked dark bottoms and bright colorful tops – Zumba, right.  I also fit into their Cardio queen category which really does sum me up nicely. 

I didn’t know what to expect when my package arrived.  I’ve had many of the same workout clothes for years and just add pieces when things wear out.  When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised. 

The leggings from American Apparel were exactly what I like to wear; dark and close fit so I can move and not worry about too much fabric.  These were not cropped in any way and made me extremely happy having just moved to almost Canada.  I can now wear them to the gym in January and they will completely cover my leg without freezing just my ankle.


Bonus: I’ve worn them as traditional leggings under a skirt the other day to keep my legs warm and as encouragement to workout when I got home…It worked.


The top was nice and bright.  It was by a brand called NUX I’d never heard of so I did some research.  Light compression, seamless, and breathable.  I wouldn’t pick this out for myself because the breathable panels are a bit sheer when I wear it but it’s  meant as a layering piece and I did just that wearing it with some Zumba clothing for the lime green to show through.  It did breathe and I was very comfortable during my workout.  I felt all my wobbly bits being held in. I wouldn’t wear the top alone but I’m always looking for non bulky layering tank tops. 

I loved the pieces I received but also love the simple return policy offered by pv.Body.  Even though this is a subscription service you aren’t stuck with whatever they send.  They want you to love the clothes you work out in.  If you are like me, you wear workout clothes more often than nice clothes so it’s important they fit, feel fantastic and wear well.  I’ve washed each item several times since they’ve arrived and they are holding their own. 

I love the surprise of getting new workout gear at my door each month at a fraction of what it would cost retail and trying brands I would never think of otherwise.  Check out pv.Body for yourself and try brands like Lululemon, NUX, Lorna Jane, Nike, and so many more.  Sign up now and lock in at the $39 subscription price before the increase on December 1st. *Receive 20% off if you use this link.*


Since setting up my workout room (including creating a Netflix que of shows to watch) and recharging myself with my new pv.Body gear a a mini-reward I’m happy to say I’m improving my workout habits.  When what I have planned doesn’t fall into place I at least have a back up and for now I’m going to work with that.  Step by step…oooo baby.

What tricks do you use to start a new workout habit when life situations change?

How do you buy your workout out gear? What are your favorite brands?



*I was provided with a sample box of clothing from pv.Body to try the service and an affiliate link.  As always all the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*


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