Project Photo 366

Last year I saw many people participating in the 365 photo challenge.  Self-photos, photo a day, and many more options intrigued me.  I loved learning how to use my camera properly…but I’m a stickler for the rules so I wanted to start at January 1. 

Pictures should tell a story and this is a fun one to tell…later.


Lucky me…I chose a leap year so I’ll have 366 photos this year.  It will be a nice way to test my skills and learn some new ones.

Last Week’s Goals

  • Date Day.  Dinner and a movie.  It’s so cliché but it was perfect for relaxing after a long two months of work.  If you haven’t seen We Bought a Zoo, go…now. 
  • Set workout goals.  Set and match…uh, I mean they will be posted tomorrow.  I had lots of inspiration for these goals and I’m excited. 
  • Grocery Shop.  Surprise, surprise.  The dry and canned goods in my pantry made a week full of fantastic meals.  And grocery shopping was one of my cheapest weeks in awhile.  Score! 
  • Clean and shout. I’m blessed with a great Hunni who does a lot of the heavy cleaning because of my allergies and I do the organizing.  Marriage maid made in heaven. 
  • Blog, videos, photos, and more.  Oh my…leaning is fun.  My insomnia has a new outlet.  Reading books on photography, writing and video editing…and watching YouTube for lesson and for fun. 

This Week’s Goals

  • Blogging Schedule.  I was blessed to have such great guest posters during November and December – I wish I could link them all.  Now I need to reconstruct my blogging schedule for me.  I have a rough outline and Need to work on it more with some busy stuff coming up.
  • Plan the party.  My birthday is coming.  Remember this because there’s something in it for you! But I need to plan for our little trip…Hunni bought me Broadway tickets.  There is so much more and I’m the organizer…even for my birthday.
  • Clean my office.  Okay my house is clean, now on to the office.  It looks like a bomb went off after Christmas and I locked it up for a week.  I’m afraid dig through the layers. 
  • Mail Christmas gifts.  Okay I’m a slacker.  Not really…but kinda.  I didn’t know if people were visiting so I held onto them.  Now they are going to the post office.  Happy Early Christmas 2012!
  • Food with friends.  I have a busy week with work but enjoying life is a priority too.  Spending time at lunch with friends will make the week that much better.
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