Malta Drive-In

In college, drive-in movies were the thing.  I’m not a child of the 50’s, I just went to school in a small town.  Almost every fall or spring weekend we’d pack a van and hit the drive-in.  $8 a vehicle was a deal for college kids moonlighting as circus clowns…easily fitting 14 people in a 8 passenger van.


We’d set up camp on the lawn in front of the screen with sleeping bags, pillows and snacks for a double or triple feature trying to avoid mosquitos and the occasional rain storm.  Just the thought brings me back to movies like Fever Pitch, X-men 2, I Robot, and Around the World in 80 Days.


So when I saw a Living Social Deal for two tickets to the Malta Drive-in I bought it in a heartbeat.  It was a chance to relive the college years as a semi-adult.  Labour Day weekend was the perfect time to enjoy the shows.


Being the holiday it was a quadruple feature but we only stayed for two movies; Kung-fu Panda and Captain America.  We’re not college kids anymore so staying for the other two movies would have been way past our bed time. Not bad for $25 though.


It also included a free popcorn.  Hunni enjoyed the popcorn…I stared at it longingly.


For $5 extra you can bring in all the food you want.  I brought a veggie platter and some fruit from a nearby grocery.


Not too shabby.  We saw families with entire coolers of food.  That’s effective planning. 

The concession stand is nothing to sneeze at.  The deals were fantastic with the traditional burgers, fries, shakes and hot dogs.  But they also had funnel cake, fancy ice cream and breakfast for the late-night showings. 

drive in

The best thing for me was the mosquito coil.  Light those babies up and I could watch the movies with the windows down to enjoy the air and not need Benadryl or my EpiPen.   


Now I know the drive-in is so close and a great deal.  I can’t wait until next spring to enjoy some more drive-in fun. 


Such a relaxing and inexpensive way to spend a Friday night.  A little slice of the past…either the 50’s or my college history.

What’s your favorite way to watch the movies? Favorite movie?

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