Finding Endurance

The doctor gave the a-okay to run again and I’m excited…my body, not so much.  I started the Couch to 5K plan and made it through each run but it was hard…really hard.  I don’t have the endurance from the first, second or third time using the program. 

(What can I say, I go big or go home on injuries and illness.)


Wanting to run but having lots of difficulties is kind of depressing.  I contemplated turning in my running shoes. 

Then the light bulb went on. 


I started running when walking hill intervals, the elliptical on level ten and workout videos were not cutting it.  I had a strong fitness base and was looking to take it to the next level.  I wasn’t sure it was running but I was wanted to try.  It was challenging but not impossible and by my first race I was hooked.

running us

After back surgery I worked for six months in physical therapy and with regular workouts to build my stamina before starting running again. With my hip and calf injuries I gave running a rest but kept up with the bike, elliptical and the like.  It made getting back to running easier.

back surgery

This summer was a whole new loop to my fitness adventure…and it truly is an adventure.  My health made it hard to stay awake and get through work let alone workout most days. 

So why did I think jumping into running would be no problem? The only answer I came up with…I’m delusional. 


Time to rethink my plan to re-find fitness.  I’m still doing Couch to 5K but I’m repeating each week…at least twice.  No shame…I’m a slow runner and proud of it.  

And I’m back to the hamster wheel elliptical and the bike to nowhere.  Thank God for a good book and some great podcasts.  Watching my favorite fall shows at the gym pushes me to work hard and go.  I’m keeping up with the fun fitness because who doesn’t want to hula hoop and resuming the my regular strength training for abs and buns of steel overall functional fitness.

gym today 004

I will take longer than I hoped to run a full 5K but renewing my fitness and finding endurance for all activities and not just running is important.  I want to keep up my energy the long run and it starts now.  After the busiest season for work is coming.

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