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I don’t know how some of you do it.  It takes talent, skill and dexterity.  I almost fell several times.


What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Running while carrying things in your hands, of course.

I’m still learning how to run with severe allergies.  In the past I’d put on my iPod, lace my key in my shoe and go.  If needed I’d pin fuel to my shirt and put my cell phone in my sports bra because I’m klassy

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Now I carry an inhaler, EpiPen, cell phone and my camera.  I don’t need my phone but it it’s a safety thing or well…twitter. Smile  I stopped every 5 minutes adjusting things so I didn’t drop them.  It was hard!


Thankfully SPIbelt offered to send me one to test and review for
It All Changes


Score #1.

I carry more than the average runner so I was skeptical the little pouch could hold it all.  On regular runs I leave the camera and phone at home, but I always need my medications, key and some sort of fuel.  To my surprise everything fit…including my camera and phone. 


Score # 2.

Friends who own a SPIbelt said it wouldn’t bounce but with everything I shoved in, it seemed impossible.  I stuffed it too the gills and went on several runs.  It bounced too much on my back or in the center of my stomach but worked pretty well on my hip.  It still bounced a bit but wasn’t a distraction.  I forgot it was there 5 minutes into my run.  Bonus I didn’t look Like a tourist at Disney with a fanny pack.


Score # 3.

I wear a back brace for running post surgery but the belt fit around me and the brace without a problem and left room for me to wear my water bottle on longer runs.  Having two different belts seems like a lot to put on but two belts was better than cramped hands from carrying everything.


Score # 4.

I love my iPod Shuffle but I worry about losing it sometimes when running.  I typically clip it to my shirt collar or the hem.  Now I just clip it on the band of the belt and it stays put.  I store it in my SPIbelt so I don’t forget it on my runs.  I’ve done that far too often.


The biggest plus is having everything I need to run safely outside – especially with my health – and not worrying where to put it all.  My EpiPen is always on hand should I, God forbid, need it and I can just run.  IMG_0896

That’s all I want…and now I’m ready to finish Couch to 5K and enjoy fall races and many races to come.


What running gear makes your runs easier?

*SPI belt did send me the product for free to review.  All the opinions are my own.  As always I tell you the truth.*

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