Talara – Baltimore

One of the first things I do when traveling is look up restaurants.  I have my favorite places at home – i.e. where I can eat – but on adventures I need to plan.  Food stashing works but I like joining friends for dinner without ordering a plain salad with oil and vinegar.

Before Fitbloggin’ a large group planned dinner after the last session before  flying home or dancing the night away.  Talara was perfect as a location near the hotel and a varied menu of tapas.

talara outside

(source Tina)

I enjoy a ton of tapas in Spain on study abroad and was looking forward to more.  I casually looked at the menu before the trip finding a few things I could adjust.  Eating out with allergies means being creative and modify, modify, modify.  Talara’s menu seemed easy to adapt.talara menu

I think allergies and preferences overwhelmed our first waiter.  He was rude, trying to order for the entire table and wasn’t happy when we said now. We were ready to leave. Definitely not good customer service…especially with a large table ready to leave great tips. Luckily the manager, Nick, was extremely helpful and suggested Ebony take over our table.  Nick personally took care of my order making sure it was not only something I could eat but tasted fantastic.    talara group

(source Nicole)

Ebony took the time to learn everyone’s name and allergies/preferences.  My meal wasn’t actually on the menu.  I wanted a vegan burrito but the filling is premade with cheese.  Instead Nick created a version with corn tortillas, roasted veggies, and extra salsa and guacamole.  It was fantastic and filling.


(taken with Julie’s awesome camera)

When most of the group left Julie and I stayed to chat with Ebony.  She shared fun things happening in Baltimore, her experience working with allergens, and other events that might interest us as healthy living bloggers.   The conversation was a great cap to dinner.

After a few bumps in the road Nick and Ebony turned our dinner into a wonderful memory to close out Fitbloggin’.  Their ability to adapt to a large group of healthy living bloggers and fit our needs outweighed the initial impression.  Talara is a place I’d possibly visit again when Hunni and I travel down that way.

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