Hunni supports my hobbies and need to get out of the house.  Most often it’s for blogging; meet-ups, races, conferences, dinners.  It’s his time to himself while I enjoy time with friends.

Yet when he heard Healthy Living Summit was in Philadelphia this year he wanted to tag along.  Perfect chance to indulge in his love of history and visit family (mine), and most importantly get out of town.  I planned a mini-vacation before the summit, just the two of us – Peanut and Leo had a mini vacation of their own with Momma.

Hunni was expecting historical sights but I knew better.  I took him here…


A bit vague? How about this?


When in Philly, a good wife, who is a die-hard Patriots fan, will bring her HUGE Eagles fan to Lincoln Financial Field.


Shirt, Badge, Goofy Grin, Wife with camera taking photos of everything…Check, check, check, and check.

Our tour guide Chris was awesome with all the tidbits I’d never want to know. IMG_0340

And away we go!

  1. There are high security sniper rifles high in each end zone.  Sounds more like Lock-up than the NFL. IMG_0295
  2. Upper level seats are colored like a Philadelphia Eagle flights into Philadelphia International Airport know they are entering Eagles country. IMG_0337
  3. The press box is super strict…uber strict.  You can’t wear any team affiliation or colors; you can’t even cheer if your team scores.  Hunni would fail miserably at this.IMG_0301
  4. Season tickets require $1,500 to be put on a 50,000 person wait list…then you have to buy the tickets.  Club boxes are worse.  They’ll run you a minimum of $150,000 and you still need tickets and food for the game. IMG_0308 Not happening Hunni. IMG_0311
  5. There are so many rules and regulations for players, staff and coaches.  Step out of line and your in big trouble, with a huge fine. Good thing it’s all written down in the contracts.


I couldn’t help getting in a hushed “Yes” when Chris mentioned the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.  I told him my team is better and we’re going to Gillette Stadium…home of the PATRIOTS next…or else. Smile


What’s the best surprise you’ve gift you’ve given?

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