Well, Hello There

Healthy Living summit was a time to meet lots of people, explore the city I enjoyed as a kid with new fresh faces and get VERY.LITTLE.SLEEP!

Since some of you are visiting for the first time after Healthy Living Summit allow me to introduce myself…blog style.

Hi again I’m Cynthia.


Hunni and my puppers, Peanut and Leo are the people who keep me laughing daily.  And yes my dogs are people.  They even have coats and boots.

dog coats

Check out our history and my journey and other places I’m hidden around the blog world.

me snip

I am cool and hip – at least in my mind – but love traditional things like canning and quilting.


Food should taste good and recipes appear weekly.


There’s so much more but you don’t want to hear me ramble.  Instead check out:

Things I wish more people knew about me  & My 7 links.

See you back soon. Smile

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