Baking Chemistry

Stuck on a snowy winter day I decided to conquer my fear of yeast and bake bread.IMG_6898

Macaroon Monday I made pizza dough with yeast and realized I shouldn’t fear yeast…my greater fear was gluten-free flour. Gluten is the bounce and stretch in baking.  Take out the gluten (wheat, barley or rye) and bread has not pep in its step.  My bread baking adventure quickly turned into a chemistry experiment. Ratios, weights, volume, following instructions very carefully so things don’t blow up. Winking smile


To build my confidence I made a loaf from a King Arthur Bread box mix.  It turned out fabulous and then came the moment of truth.  Mission fresh gluten-free bread was on.

I used this gluten-free sandwich bread recipe but made some me-friendly adjustments.

Soy-free Earth Balance instead of butter.  Hemp Milk instead of dairy milk.  Honey instead of cane sugar.  Everything else remained the same.

A big whirl of my Kitchen Aid, lots of mess then I achieved cake batter consistency.  Forget the dough mentality.


Then it was waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  Slowly the loaf rose until almost over flowing.  I keep it covered with plastic wrap to avoid the bugs.


As it baked I stared through the oven door praying for a good loaf.  Then the magic moment arrived.  I had bread, good bread, eaten slice by slice warm from the oven.  I stopped a few moments to take some pretty pictures.


With my light box I decorated with some Sun Butter and Crofters Jam, then quickly devoured.IMG_6957

To say this was good is a complete understatement.  I inhaled half the first night and the loaf was gone in three days.  I’d say it was wonderful.  It’s my go to bread recipe for a relaxing Sunday afternoon…the leftover make great French toast for dinner.


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