I Kill Headphones

I must confess…I’m a murder…of headphones.


*I look like a mob boss, don’t I? Winking smile*

It began in college with the old school Walkman headphones.  I’d step on them and one side would break off and then stop working.

My iPod ear buds never fit my ear…I think it knew their destiny.


On walks, runs or just lifting weights in the gym they’d fall our and almost send me flying off the treadmill.  Instead I threw them in the “just in case” basket.  IMG_3769

I tried wrap-around head phones which hurt my ears so I donated them to Hunni who doesn’t seem to care. He files a missing persons headphones case in our home daily.

gym 076

Even my marshmallow ones die.  Well I think they commit suicide.  For all the care I gave my purple babies one ear craps out leaving me listening to the melody with no bass.IMG_7635

This murderous habit is expensive.  Even at $10 a pair, it adds up quickly.

Now I’m attempting two new styles.  For my drippy ears and for my sweaty head.

The New Balance Sport Ear buds were part of the swag at Fitbloggin’IMG_3220The fun pink decals matched my headband to feel girly when sweating like a man at the gym.


The best part is the multiple cord lengths.  I keep it short with my iPod shuffle while running or lifting so I don’t yank them out on a dumb bell row…been there, done that with other ear buds and it hurts like heck.IMG_3815

Also perfect for walking around the grocery store alone to zone out with pod casts instead of the muzak.

The other lengths are easily stored in the bag and offer an adjustable volume on the cord or extensions when running on the treadmill watching TV.  Plus those of us with large ears Sad smile can adjust the ear squishy part…that’s a technical term.


For the days I’m busting butt – or just sweating to death – iBeani headband is a nice throw back.  I have a Bondi Band that I like wearing with regular ear phones but this allows me the convenience of packing one thing when traveling.  IMG_4146

*Yes I wore a second head band.  I wore it all day but it’s not needed for working out.*

Our swag bag included a, iBeani hat with the Fitbloggin’ logo.  It will come in handy if we have more of the snow we had this last year.


As we heat up now I’ll stick with the hot pink headband…again the girly thing. Smile The headband traps my sweat while the music keeps pumping.  Besides it allows me to look a bit more like a good friend.


Both sets came with instructions for cleaning to prevent their death.  I’m working to be a reformed headphone murderer. If not maybe I’ll join the cast of Mob Wives…my latest guilty pleasure.

What headphones do you use for workouts?

*Hey FTC!  The iBeani hat and New Balance Ear buds were free from Fitbloggin…I bought the cool headband myself.  All opinions are my own…seriously.  Also I’m not a real murderer so don’t tell the FBI on me.*

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