David’s Creative Cuisine

Hunni and I traveled to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for work in May.  It was a misty day but I don’t mind long car trips to OOB as long as I don’t have to pump gas.


Our boss offered to pay for our dinner after our meeting before we travelled home.  He handed Hunni the cash and we went in search of a place to eat.

Originally we headed to Whole Foods because um…we love Whole Foods…and we had the puppers with us.

empty card 001Girls 101

Unfortunately the Whole Foods has been replaced by a Trader Joes or our GPS needs to update…more and likely the latter.

Fortunately Nuvi (our GPS) set us towards Monument Square full of choices and easy parking for our big van.

After walking a few blocks we saw the sign David’s Creative Cuisine and thought it would be interesting.


The chill was a bit much for the outdoor seating but we were able to enjoy a nice dinner by little lamps.


It wasn’t quite time for dinner service but the hostess sat us with drinks and the menu.


So happy we were able to sit early…the menu was spectacular and I wanted to eat it all.  We didn’t have that much time or money so we debated our choices for a good 20 minutes.


Hunni had a bit easier time deciding what he wanted.  He spent the time smiling and laughing while I debated back and forth.


Hunni chose the Grilled Pineland Farms Delmonico Steak with Truffle fries and Truffle Ketchup.  IMG_3183He took great pride in proving me wrong when I asked if he knew what truffles were.  “The things that pigs hunt out.”  He learned it from cartoonsSmile

After much decision I went with the Vegetable Napoleon.  Something about the truffle oil, spices and lots of veggies stacked high appealed to me. It did not disappoint.IMG_3181

We rarely order dessert in restaurants, but this wasn’t our dime and the menu was so tempting we went for it.  The Raspberry Napoleon would be sweet enough for Hunni and not too sweet for me.  IMG_3189

I told the waitress I was a blogger and she brought the “perfect one for a photo.” IMG_3190She was right…and Hunni was patient while I took a picture…then he devoured it!IMG_3191Okay we devoured it…and fought over the last bites.  IMG_3192

This will be recreated at home.  The fun will be figuring out the phyllo – which Hunni ate – since I can already make Lemon Curd.

We left satisfied but not stuffed.  If Portland was around the corner instead of 4.5 hours away we’d become regulars.  Until that happens we’ve added it to a list of restaurant we WILL visit again.

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**Note: We paid for our own meals…well technically our boss did. We were not compensated in any way expect with fabulous food and service.**

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