Becoming Lynn

I came to an interesting realization a few weeks ago.  I think I’m becoming my friend Lynn Chen.

lynn redIMG_3886


We aren’t twins, are we?

Well, we may not look alike but our paths have crossed in very interesting ways – though we’ve yet to meet.

Lynn is a blogger, I’m a blogger.  Okay that’s obvious but if it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t have her friendship.

Lynn attended Wesleyan University and I was a Wesleyan before becoming a Salvationist…oh and I ate the Wesleyan omelet when I ate at O’Rourke’s after my 10K.


O’Rourke’s is a perfect fit for me and I’ve been back twice…and It’s Only Natural we’ve both enjoyed It’s Only Natural Restaurant.  The food is fantastic.

gym 026

To prevent overeating I borrowed Lynn’s trick of candy signaling the end of eating.  I prefer Ginger Chews by The Ginger People with a spicy sweet bite to remind me I’m done.


Then there’s…Jersey.

jersey shore

Technically I’m not from Jersey…I’m not from anywhere. However Momma lives close enough to Jersey we could walk.  It’s fun to look at Lynn’s pictures of Jersey things and remember my childhood.


I’ve come to love random movies and documentaries instead of rerun after rerun.  I’m not researching for my job but so many are available on Netflix Streaming I can’t help but watch.


I may not be Lynn but I’m happy to call her a friend and see what other silly things we have in common.


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