Friendly Fitbloggin’

Fitbloggin’ was a chance to meet all the friends I’ve been chatting with on twitter – or is it tweeting with – catch up with old friends and make new friends.


Tara and Julie, my movie buddies to escape crowds when anxiety hit.  “I have a bear sandwich.” “I don’t know who is more dumb.” These are movie quotes not statements about my movie buddies. Smile


Roomies Julianne, Julie and Gina were almost like college: late nights, lots of laughs and great breakfast at a dive place in the morning.


My super media hero and such a sweetheart…Katy is a blast and I need a reason to head to Orlando for some fun. Perhaps I should schedule a work conference at Disney?


My Cleveland girls, Alicia and Katie.  Unfortunately we couldn’t grab crepes with our busy schedule…next time ladies.


Jennifer and Matt who fed my need for Whole Foods and learning more blog info than my brain can handle.  Still unloading it all.


Sana who really is Super!  I love her gorilla feet, chatting on twitter and imagining all the wonderful smelling food on her blog.


Mr. No More Bacon, Ryan and Mr. Jack Sh*t are two of the coolest, and tallest men I’ve met.  They’re the only Healthy Living bloggers Hunni reads…he doesn’t even read mine. Nyah-Nyah


Matt, an awesome resource for being a No Meat Athlete and for Healthy Living Bloggers at any level.


Annelise from Attune.  She knew I was a pastor…made my day to chat with her.  She’s a doll and can’t wait to talk more.

today 007

Murphy’s Mom…aka Tina. Okay, so this picture isn’t from Fitbloggin’ but it’s my favorite picture of her.


A MizFit like me.  Thanks Carla for convincing me to unstick myself from the wall and meet all the other wonderful people.

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