Simple Stress Relief

Stress is everywhere.  The I’m-pulling-my-hair-out; want-to-scream-my-lungs-out stress.


I’m naturally high strung so stress finds me.  I’ve had to find ways to relieve stress quickly or I’d be bald.


Take time to vent.  I set online-stopwatch for 5 minutes and b*tch about everything weighing me down.  Sometimes Hunni listens and sometimes it’s Peanut.  She seems more understanding…or she sleeps.


Hit something. This sounds violent but it’s therapist recommended.  My pillow doesn’t feel the punch and it’s better than hitting a wall.


Watch a funny video. YouTube is full of them.  Think I’m kidding? Show your smarts about SNL, see silly animals, or learn how to make boys like you.

Just Dance. Pull and iCarly and dance in your living room, office or bedroom to let off steam.
Be sure to close the blinds or every one will watching your nuttiness.

Relive your childhood. Build a living room fort, swing at the park, blow bubbles or use sidewalk chalk.  Remember the days when your biggest stress was a math test.


Cry and Move On. Stress can bring on the tears. Holding them in can be more stressful than letting them go.  Cry, let it all out.  Wipe your tears and go on with the day.


Do you have a great stress relief technique?

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