Open Letter to Jeopardy

Dear Mr. Trebek…or whoever chooses the contestants.
I would rock the most popular quiz show because…

I watch way too much History Channel.  I’ve learned enough about Aliens hearing the Hitler broadcast, how the Autobahn was made, what the world will be like after we’re all gone and the most random landmarks to answer at least half the questions.


My friends will teach me about college sports, traditional baking, and #presidentalfunfacts.  That will answer several more categories I’m sure.


Hunni turns any topic into a politics lesson. I know Mubarak and Gaddafi or Gadhafi or Qadhafi or well you know who I mean.  I know the location of Azerbaijan and the countries formerly known as Czechoslovakia, USSR and Yugoslavia.  From Hunni’s knowledge I know how comic books tell the stories of these people and places.



E! is my main source of news so I know all the names of Brangelina’s children, who won at the Oscars and how to pronounce designers…including designer of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. Open-mouthed smile


I’m the trivial pursuit princess. If I’m lacking some knowledge I know two dudes (husbands of good friends) who would be perfect tutors if they can beat the jeopardy music.


I can successfully pronounce therapists.

I love asking questions…just ask Hunni.  Or should I say, “Who is Hunni?”

I understand Jeopardy is more than knowledge.  It’s how well you can play a video game. I have extensive button training from the original Nintendo all the way to the Wii.

I enjoy HOUSE, Grey’s Anatomy, and WebMD so words like subdural hematoma, anaphylaxis and sarcoidosis roll off my tongue.  I promise I’m not a hypochondriac.


If all else fails I know where to find you.  Seven PM Monday through Friday oh and noon, 4PM and the middle of the night marathons.

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