Best Invention Ever

At our CDNY picnic celebrating Jen’s and Heather’s birthday  I declared my Snuggie the “best invention ever.”  Let’s say I received a bit of flack.  They laughed and vetoed my idea with a unanimous vote.  Yet I shall defend my statement because I hate to lose.

snuggie art

My Snuggie is more than a blanket with sleeves…they are special sleeves.  In winter we set our heat at 65 degrees or less to save money.  In those cold temperatures I love having my hands free to type, read, eat, etc.  Snuggie inventors were geniuses.


Besides the basic warmth, my Snuggie gives me super powers.

I’m the Queen of the castle.


I’m allergy super girl, whipping up delicious meals in a single bound.


Or perhaps I look a bit more like Elvis.


It makes me 1000% more snuggly to the puppers.


Or maybe they are trying to steal it.


But I always win!


Does your favorite blanket do that?

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