The title of this post sounds like I’ve been learning HTML code for blog editing – I have been but it has nothing to do with this.  IMG_7634

*This is my study face.*

It’s also not any crazy acronyms for my job or the military…though I know tons of those as well.

I’m constantly learning because new things fascinate me.  What fun is making the same thing day after day?  I made Eggplant Bacon last week to substitute in my favorite recipes.  Momma I’m happy to say I can now make an adequate Welshman’s Mess reproduction I can eat. It’s our favorite family recipe of pasta, tomato, bacon and cheese.  All the good stuff. Smile

Dear Sweet Jess…I’m so excited to make this with my new bacon as well.  Hello Mr. No More Bacon…you can eat it too .  It’s gluten-free and all vegetables with great bacon flavor…right up your alley.  Sorry Katy I don’t think Lucas would like it on his birthday cake. Smile

For the love of bacon, I’ve never tried was a BLT.  Okay, take a second to scream in shock and horror………..how could I?…..It’s an American staple…..classic.  Eh.


The combination of toast, mayo, and the obvious bacon, lettuce and tomato didn’t fit in my mind.  I’d prefer bacon and eggs with pancakes any day.  Yet with my new bacon I was game to try anything…with my typical twist. Smile

eBLaT (My BLT)



  • Tortillas- I like Food For Life Brown Rice Tortilla
  • Lettuce of choice – I’ve used Boston Bibb and Arugula
  • Fire Roasted Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Eggplant Bacon
  • Cheese (optional)


  1. On top of tortilla spread mashed avocado-It’s like Buttah.  Layer lettuce, tomatoes, Eggplant Bacon. IMG_0113Add cheese, if desired.  Hunni desired a lot. Smile with tongue outIMG_0121  For Brown Rice or Corn Tortillas, remember to warm in the microwave or with steam.  I’d like a steam room too if you have one.
  2. Wrap, grill, eat. Smile


This recipe is great with toast for tradition.  Try a twist by heating bread in a pan, grilled-cheese style, for a nice crunch.

I’ve tried a lot of weird things but skipped lots of classic.

What classic food  have you never tried? 

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