Proverbs of Honest Tea

I love learning facts behind phrases.  My family spoke in these phrases and I wanted to understand what the heck they were talking about. 

Did you know…?

The whole nine yards refers to the amount of fabric on a bolt so taking the “whole nine yard” meant everything.

A stitch in time saves nine refers to taking time to do good work now – sewing -instead of shoddy work you have to keep fixing.

And my family favorite: You have to be a wee bit crazy to be normal, we’re just really normal just means we’re nuts! Open-mouthed smile


I love Honest Tea for helping me find new phrases…perhaps a bit too many.IMG_0242

I do have an Honest Tea habit. 

I consider it a learning experience in hydration

and fantastic quotes to share.


In the end which elephant loses, everything is destroyed. 

When the people with power fight, those around us suffer. 

Instead of fighting, try peaceful resolutions.


If you go alone, you may go far but be lonely. 

If we collaborate we can go farther, together.


Okay perhaps not an old proverb…but so true. 

If I lived a plastic bubble my entire life, I’d be safe and bored.  More fun to enjoy every minute!

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