Where Have All the Pants Gone?

In my quest to organize, the dressers and closet were on top of the list.  The usually look more like this…

than this.


Hunni does the laundry but struggles to find places to put things.  To keep my fluff and fold man I needed to organize and fast.

Then came the sad revelation: One health problem after another lead to weight gain and not just a few pounds.  Sad smile At Weight Watchers last Saturday I realized I am only five pounds from my WW starting weight…read My Journey for how I began Weight Watchers.

I have a book of excuses for my gain…I can’t exercise with a calf tear, steroids make you gain weight, my allergies are off, my digestion is out of whack.  All true to some degree but they fed my need to emotionally eat.


Then I woke up. Clothes I haven’t worn in months don’t fit.  I prefer skirts so I haven’t worn pants in a month.  Only three of seven pairs fit. Oy…where did all the pants go?


I packed them away for when -  not if – I reach my happy place.

Taking a cue from Jenna of That Wife I purchased thrifted clothes from The Salvation Army Family Store for the between sizes.    IMG_7517I’m saving my birthday gift cards for a fabulous new outfit at goal.  Instead I rewarded small habit changes improving my life with two new workout shirts and a kettle bell from TJ Maxx.

IMG_7885These changes are one healthy decision after another to make me a better me.  Now’s the time to make a few more.  Perhaps more recipes likes my Simple Polenta Pizza Guest Post for Emily of Relishments.

The pants will return soon enough and so will the me I love and am proud of.

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