Gluten’s Last Stand + Goals

I know I have a gluten intolerance…my body lets me know in many ways. It’s just been a wait for the endoscopy test to be scheduled. If you don’t know what this entails just take a look at this picture from Theodora when she had her test done.


Oh yeah it looks like so much fun. Good news is I get another day off work will finally have official answers the questions I’ve been asking for years.  Bad news is I have to eat gluten for 7 days straight to make sure the test has conclusive results (I’ve only been eating it 2 days a week per doctors order).

Or is this such bad news. I stated on twitter…

gluten test

Sounded like a good idea to me. I’d be sure to have the gluten in my digestive system if I ate that stuff. A few of my fabulous friends agreed.

gluten answers

So it’s decided. I have until Wednesday at Midnight to consume gluten. I’m going to eat the things I’ll miss. Quick whole wheat pasta for dinner loaded with veggies; Muffin from the bakery in town; Homemade Whole Wheat Pizzas; Everything bagel with hummus and veggies for lunch; and just for kicks Hunni and I will have donuts at Midnight on Wednesday.

This is gluten’s last stand before my gluten-free adventure begins. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve learned so far and don’t really miss too much so I’m excited. Until then bring on the donuts, right Evan?

While I spend my week prepping for the gluten test I have other things I’d like to do also. But first…

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Two workout non-gym workouts. Well my meeting was cancelled after less than a day due to the huge storm that affected 29 states. This did not deter me. I did yoga after the 7 hour drive home that normally takes 3 and my Team HEAB workout on Friday night after a day at the coffee shop “working.”
  • Up my water intake. I had no idea how dehydrated I was until I started chugging my water this week. I couldn’t get enough. Perhaps I should change my Brita filter now since I haven’t done it in about 4 months. Smile
  • Balanced meals. A big shout out Katie Heddleston! She’s been my coach as I work through all these food allergies and prepare to go gluten free. She is such a support and big help to remind me to get in balance. I feel much more satisfied this week and I love the fun I’m coming up with. Check out her online services if you are looking for a dietary check up.
  • Explore the outlets. This isn’t my fault. I blame the snow storm. We’d planned to go on Tuesday evening…by then there was 8 inches of snow on the ground and we were crawling along the highway at 30 mph towards home. We’re planning a trip to a local set for sometime soon, I hope.
  • Spend time with friends. Friends are fantastic! Friends who bring baked goods are even better. I wish I had been able to spend more time with them but I’m glad to be safe at home with the puppers. We’ll catch up soon…I know it!

This Week’s Goals:

  • Valentine’s Day Surprise. Hunni thought V-day was this past week so I already have my gift…(he knows my love of puppers and mugs)IMG_7522 But I need get his set up. I’m excited…especially because I planned what he likes and not what I wanted for him. So hard but I’m learning his love language.
  • Blogger Meet-up. The Lovely Kelly from Brownies and Zucchini is visiting the Capital District so Emily and I are pretending we live in NY for the evening.  Why wouldn’t we when there are great blends and a dinner at a restaurant I’ve wanted to try since forever. Now to figure out what I want. Care to look at the menu and help me choose (taking into consideration what I can eat)?
  • Find a Yoga Class. Someone forgot to tell me it is February…oh was I supposed to look at the calendar? March I plan to get in some yoga for my personal challenge…but first I need a studio. I know my local studio has one class that fits but I want to try hot yoga again and some other studios.  I’m on the hunt to make a plan.
  • Organize my drawers. Half my clothes don’t fit in my drawers and half of them don’t fit on me. It’s time for organization this week and a trip to The Salvation Army Stores to find in between clothes. No sense in paying full price for temporary clothes. This will give me a chance to take risks like my favorite fashion blogger. Winking smile
  • Pick a vacation. One of our family goals is to go on a real vacation this year. We need to pick it ASAP so we can request vacation and start saving. So Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico or Caribbean?
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