Challenging Me

2011 is officially here, if you didn’t know.  Just kidding…I’m sure you’ve stopped writing 2010 on your checks and paperwork, right?  It’s hard for me to believe that January is half over.  I keep thinking back to December as I prayed for January to arrive and now it is almost February.

In December I set forward my personal goals for 2011 to get back on track.  I ended 2010 not to fit and was bound to end 2011 much better.  I applied to be part of Team 4all to make goals I knew I could keep up and would do for me whether I was selected or not.


So now half-way through January I want to make sure I’m on track for myself.  As a reminder here are my goals.

  • Try at least one new fitness thing a month.
  • Strength train at least 2x per week.
  • Train for races my body can handle.
  • Stretch and pull.

I’m stoked about my progress thus far.  I am taking Zumba and Boot Camp at the local Y.  My boot camp instructor loves burpees and suicide drills.  I think she hates me…and I’m nowhere near as awesome as the people in the videos.  I can do three burpees before falling on my face.  I’ll get there, it just might take a few months.

In the next few months I’m taking on cross-country skiing and hot yoga to get all bendy and stretchy.  I may not look happy but I was über relaxed after my first hot yoga experience and can’t wait for another.

hot yoga

With boot camp I’m getting in a fantastic combo of strength and cardio.  To amp it up a notch, I also signed up to be on Team HEAB for the Moving Forward, Giving Back challenge.  Lindsey is a great trainer but I think she hates me too.  More burpees…then box jumps, high knees, and a full two minutes of jumping jacks.  Did I accidentally joined the military or the NFL?

I made a boo boo and didn’t train for the New Year’s Hangover Race…but Heather and I finished together, super happy and healthy.

race finish

Also my body didn’t hate me after.  That was a nice change after my running in 2010.  Now I need some new races.  Perhaps I’ll wait until all the nasty weather goes away.

Meanwhile, I ran my first Tabata and my legs didn’t hate me.  I figured out the key…I did half an hour of stretching after running.  It was fun watching Celebrity Rehab while twisting and turning all different ways.  I felt like Jello but I loved it.

The only thing left to do now is convince the weather to cooperate.   I want to hit the gym for the treadmill and classes, pool and even run outdoors.  At some point the bike to nowhere is going to drive me nuts.  I have to make faces and watch movies to stand it.

gym today 012

How are you doing on your fitness goals?

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