When Lentils Go Wrong

When Momma came to visit she brought Christmas gifts and even my birthday gifts.  I my favorite was the pretty pink lentils.


Yes, I said lentils. I’m weird and proud of it. Open-mouthed smile

Technically they are red lentils but I was thrilled.  I’m on a new foods kick.  The bulk bins is my new favorite hangout.  My traditional grocery store items have been replaced with fava beans, amaranth, millet and adzuki beans.  Fun new food adventures are ahead.

Most of my new recipes turn out fantastic, if I do say so myself.  Then some days they just go wrong.  In honor of Eat in Month I wanted a quick meal that cooked itself…mostly.  I let the rice cooker do the work tonight.


Ready some lentils and rice…set with some spices, vinegar, and oil…and press GO! For a bit o’ green I added broccoli to the steamer basket on top.


I opened the lid when the buzzer rang and noticed something missing…something pink.


I know I put lentils in there…I promise.


Perhaps it just needed a bit more seasoning and good lighting. Smile


Nope they weren’t missing…they were using their super powers of invisibility.  Apparently my new favorite lentils need a very short cooking time and my rice cooker did not understand this.  The rice was extremely mealy and my favorite vinegar didn’t help.  Sad smile IMG_6379

Darn you pink lentils…you foiled my dinner plot.  We ate it but really wished we could go grab Mediterranean food.  I’ll have to settle for some frozen cherries for dessert.

The biggest problem is I have an entire pot left over.  I hate wasting for so the challenge is to transform it into something else.  Maybe hummus will fix it.  Hummus fixes everything, right?

What is the worst meal you’ve ever made?

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