Prior Proper Planning + Goals

My dad – and Momma – always said, “Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.” I used to giggle and say, “You swore.” However in my mature years I know they were right…and still giggle.

Our schedule bounces around but I usually find time to plan menus and have dinner on the table in about 30 minutes…Beat that Rachel Ray!  I love trying new things out and not having to eat out to often because it is often mandatory when traveling for work.

Then November comes knocking on our doors.  Heck when October rolls in I start to panic about what we are going to eat…or how often we will order sushi and from the vegetarian café.  It is sad when the serves know your name  and order and when your wallet is lighter in cash and full of receipts.

This year I decided to face the challenge head on.  We have a freezer and I have recipes.  I could make plenty of meals ahead to feed us, right? And so it began.

Plan of Attack:

  • Know your stock. I needed to know what my basics ingredients were.  Every recipe came out of this.  I opened the pantry and freezer to find out what I had and what I would need to purchase.


  • Clean out space in the freezer. We started by eating all the random Tupperware filled with old leftovers and organizing the veggie stash so I had room and knew my options.


  • Purchase necessary equipment. Storage for each meal was necessary because Tupperware takes up too much space.  I also purchased crock pot liners for easy clean up and a pen to mark each meal so we didn’t play “guess what’s for dinner.”  Oh and a bit of imagination.  I use cookbooks (or blogs) for ideas and then go from there so we don’t eat the same chili for two months.



  • Romance my cookbooks. This would require a bit of planning.  I have a rice cooker, an electric skillet, a crock pot plus the normal odds and ends for cooking.  I poured over my cook books to allow me to prepare as many meals at once.


  • Clear my schedule. Massive cooking required a few evenings with me, the cook books and iTunes to whip up my masterpieces and stash them away before Hunni ate them all.

Then the mastermind (me) got to work.  I created chili – of course – along with Lulu’s Mac and Cheese, a wacky version of Barley Spiked Root Veggie Casserole, Vegan Enchiladas, Rice Casserole, Lentil burrito filling and so much more I don’t even know what is under there.


I have more that I’m working on in my free time…ha-ha does that exist?  At least we have food that is much healthier than TV dinners or the take away we subsisted on last year.  We won’t discuss my use of almond milk prior to discovering my allergy.  It is too painful.  Sad smile

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Work out at least 30 minutes 5 days. The doctor nixed this one on Saturday before Weekly goals post went up.  Rest, rest and more rest.  Apparently I need to breathe.  My mind isn’t happy with this one but my body is feeling much better so I’ll concede that it was a good idea.
  • Start Strength Training. Okay the first half of the week didn’t go as planned.  But I did use my time in bed to go over the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  One bonus of major steroids for my allergies is my calf is peachy keen now Smile Now I better get my friend Jenna on speed dial for weights questions…Hear that Jenna?!
  • Eat meals at home. Oh yeah my freezer is stuffed to the gills.  Hunni and I have been making smart work of the pre-made meals and enjoying them all.  I love having all the options and keep looking for more for the little bit of down time we have.  Big budget and time saver!
  • Record my food. Okay the food is recorded.  Not going to say it is all pretty or looks even normal for me.  I think that 2 servings of crock pot lasagna and some fried rice for one day are downright weird.  But I’m learning what I can and can’t eat in light of current situations.  Bear with me as I adapt old recipes and make new ones.  This will be fun! Smile
  • Sleep. Oh Benadryl…how do I love you…Let me count the ways.  Sleep for 12 hours on Saturday in the hospital…naps on Monday through Thursday and overall no more itchiness which helps with sleep. Smile This one is a big accomplishment! I SLEPT!!!
  • Create Kettles Habits. We have the food thing down, the driving and the counting.  We are working on the other little bits but we are enjoying the season so far which is much more than I could say for this time last year.  And I think Hunni really enjoys his hot chocolate while I enjoy the extra hot tea Open-mouthed smile Now on to Black Friday.

This Week’s Goal’s:

  • Work out 5 times this week. Okay so this is a repeat from last week.  But I know I can do it because I was itching to do so all week when my butt was supposed to be in bed.  I WILL work out, even if it is just 20 minutes.
  • Strength Training. Okay I’m a chart and list dork for real.  I made my own charts using the strength training book and I’m ready to go.  I’m even looking into purchasing a body bar.  Oh boy did I miss feeling strong with weight training.
  • Thanksgiving! Okay you are probably wondering why this is a goal.  Well it our last real day off until Christmas Day.  So Hunni and I are running walking our local Turkey Trot and then seeing Harry Potter.  I’m sure there will be some Handmade Christmas 2010 as well as just being bums with football games.  But one thing that will not happen…WORK!!!! That’s right…it’s a day off!
  • Reading. I’ve been watching too much junk or repeats on TV out of boredom.  Time to bring out my inner book nerd from High School and College and read.  I checked out a book from the library that I never finished and set up comfy pillows to read with the puppers in bed.  They won’t mind because they would stay in bed all day if we let them Smile
  • Christmas Cards. Okay this normally is done by now or doesn’t get done.  I want to get out our Christmas cards ASAP.  Otherwise they will become New Year’s cards Smile

What is your biggest goal this holiday week?


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