Operation Beautiful Starts TODAY!

Today was just amazing and so was TODAY!  Yesterday my sign and I left for NY to support Caitlin on TODAY.  I stayed with friends over night but not for long…I went to bed at 10.30 and awoke at 4AM!  Does that time actually exist?

I guess so because by 6.30AM Becca and I had made it to Dean and Deluca in Rockefeller Center to chug iced coffee and wake up.  Around 7.00AM a large group of bloggers gathered to cheer on Caitlin and support Operation Beautiful.

Left to right: Adriane, Caronae, Me, Gabriela, Becca, Theodora, Ashley, Rebecca, Tina, Jess and LaurenSabrina and Jessica who arrived a bit later are unpictured.

We had made signs to tell all the viewers and audience members that they are beautiful too!

There were shirts to share the message at the taping and while walking around the city.

We told Al Roker he was beautiful too as he got in on the Operation Beautiful action.  See I told you men are beautiful too :-D

Waiting for Caitlin’s segment to air we talked to a producer and a tourist at the taping about Operation Beautiful’s message of loving yourself from the inside and that we are all beautiful.  The producer thanked us for making her morning.

Caitlin was awesome and composed.  You can watch the clip here.  Did you see us too? :-)  Hunni called me as soon as it aired to let me know that he had seen us and I got several texts as well.

After the TODAY show we headed out for a blogger brunch that was fulfilling in conversation but not so much in the food department.  I loved getting to know these amazing bloggers and add so many more to my Google Reader.

So much more to the day but so little sleep in my body.  More to come tomorrow.  Just one last thing to do is thank Becca for pushing me to go to TODAY and help support Operation Beautiful.

Becca you are truly FABULOUS just the way you are!  Can’t wait for more adventures :-)

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