5 Essential Steps to Change your Personality

Is there such a thing as having a good personality? Can you really change your personality? For starters, personality, or the typical pattern of thinking, behaviors and personal uniqueness, can indeed be changed. So yes, you could change what you are. You could become a better you, a person you can feel proud of and confident in. But then, how can you turn a personality you have lived with for the whole of your life?

It takes Time to Change

how to change your personality

They say that change is constant, but then it takes time to change any part of your personality. With this in mind, take as much time as you may need to reflect about your life. Even if you are a busy person, look for time to reflect about the different things in your life that have been hurting your relationship with yourself or with others. In any case, you probably will never implement any of the following tips if you can’t get the time think about your life and what you need to change.

Step One: Accept Change

As some scientists say, change starts with the desire to be different. It is the internal dilemma that you must conquer first before implementing any new behaviors or ways of thinking. It is your life after all, and no one can possibly force you to change. Note however that making a decision to change is never easy. You will face a lot of dilemmas; mostly because you probably feel hopeless or you probably don’t see what’s wrong with some things that have been affecting your life. Maybe you probably love to argue for instance, but you will definitely need to change that part of you if it has been affecting your career. As such, think about the positives that will come after you change something in your life, and then work towards changing it altogether.

Step Two: Take Responsibility

Why do you want people to stop labeling you as uncooperative? Do you think everyone has been picking on you? Well, maybe people aren’t always fair. However, you must take most of the responsibility in your life if you are to change your personality. Simply create the desire to be a cooperative person for instance, stop blaming everyone else who call you uncooperative and change for the better. If you blame you parents for your hot tempered nature on the other hand, stop it. Accept that no one is wholly responsible for all the mistakes and misdeeds in your life. Instead, take responsibility that you may have failed to change earlier, but then again work towards changing.

Step Three: Develop Self-empowering Beliefs

If you’ve already taken all responsibility for the things you need to change; you probably have already developed your cause. Your cause in life includes the most valuable principles you hold deep within you. Everyone has them, as they lie beneath any other personality we have developed over the cause of life. And once you know what values you ought to have in life, start filling your mind with empowering beliefs. Replace “I can’t be humble” with “I will….” Change “I have always been this way” with “I must become a better person.”

Step Four: Develop Positive Habits

What is the whole point of being a different person if you can’t quit all your bad habits? Your habits are what probably broke your marriage or dragged your career down in the first place. Identify them, and quit all of them. But don’t stop there. Look for new habits you wish to be identified with in the future. In fact, you can make your transitioning process easier by switching to new habits even before you completely quit the old ones. For instance, if your addiction to TV and the Internet is affecting your social life, why not join a social group?

Step Five:  Stick to the new Habits

Change is only difficult in the beginning. It is like moving to a new workplace. It feels weird for the first few days and weeks, but then you get adapted to the new life. However, later you may realize that the new environment and new place is better than where you’ve always been. Similarly, changing your personality won’t be an easy process at first. However, maintain your momentum and desire to change. Stick to all the new habits you vowed to embrace in your life. After some time, you will feel proud and confident in the new personality you have developed.

Finally, you can think of looking for a mentor to guide and support you as you embrace your new personality. Alternatively, hook up with friends who share your new personality and remain loyal to them. Again, love to remain modest and positive at all times. But most importantly, promote the good parts of you that you now want people to identify you with.

Choosing a Tankless Water Heater for My Home

Going tankless when it comes to home water heaters is the best decision for millions of families in the country these days. When you think about all the benefits you gain for instance; a longer service life, ability to save energy bills by up to 50% and endless hot water in your house, why else would you not buy a tankless water heater?

choosing a tankless water heaterChoosing the right tank for your home is however the more challenging bit for many people. But worry no more, because we are just about to go through the whole process of selecting the right water heater for your home in a few minutes.

Unlike a point of use water heater which you can easily install under the sink, a whole house tankless water heater will require the help of a technician to install properly. Sometimes you may also need to retrofit your home so as to accommodate this new device accordingly. Other than that, here are the main factors you should consider right before buying this new device.

Fuel Type

Typical tankless water heaters are powered by natural gas, propane or electricity. If you decide to buy an electric water heater, ensure your power outlet’s voltage will be powerful enough to accommodate the amperage draw for your new device. You may also have your circuit breaker examined to ensure you home will be safe in case of any power accidents. Similarly for natural gas, ensure your home gas supply line can support the new heater. Don’t also forget to retrofit your home for venting purposes.

Determine Your Water Usage Needs

Different water heaters have different capabilities when it comes to providing hot water in your home. You therefore need to know how the total number of devices that will run hot water into your house. The showers and dishwashers for instance consume a lot of water, and hence will require a stronger device that will provide more hot water per minute.

You can calculate your water needs for yourself. Let’s say your kitchen faucet delivers 0.5 GPM, while your two showers deliver 2.5GPM each. In such a case therefore you need to go for a device with the ability to deliver hot water at a rate of more than 5GPM.

Required Temperature Rise

tankless water heater buying guideQuite frankly, tankless water heaters don’t always perform with the same efficiency at different temperature zones. In warmer climates, the heater can deliver hot water at a much faster rate than you would expect. In the colder Northern regions however, the room temperatures could affect the overall device’s performances.

Depending on the weather conditions of where you come from, choose a water heater that will deliver hot water at a fair rate irrespective of how cold it gets. In a place where the underground water temperatures are 500F, you may want a device that can raise temperatures by 600F and reach the average temperatures for a normal shower.

Additional Considerations

  • Gas powered tankless water heaters are better off when it comes to raising water temperatures. Actually, the difference between a gas powered and an electric powered device when it comes to raising cold water temperatures is vast. Whereas the electric model can only raise 700F if the device is delivering water at a rate of 2 GPM, the gas counterpart can raise the same amount of temperatures for a device delivering hot water at a rate of 5GPM.
  • The inlet flow rate can also affect the water heater’s performance – A fast inlet flow rate often affects the temperatures of water being delivered by the device.
  • The Device’s control features – A great device is one you can easily control, especially the water temperatures.
  • Presence of a warranty- Most trusted devices come with a two-five year warranty.

If you would like to choose among the best tankless water heater on the market, Tankless Water Heater Hub has got reviews, comparisons, buying guide and a lot more information that you might find useful. Once you have agreed on the features you want from your ideal tankless water heater, you can now start the search for a great device. But if you still have doubts about buying a tankless device, just have a look at the following benefits you would enjoy with the device.

  • Limitless how water supply – Imagine being able to use hot water whenever you need it for as long as you have the water heater with you.
  • Saving on energy bills – These devices don’t waste any heat on standby mode
  • More durability – While you would have to buy a new tank water heater after less than ten years, these devices can last for twenty or more years.
  • Requires less maintenance – Yes the upfront costs might be a little bit higher, but after that you will incur very few expenses in maintenance for the twenty or so years a great tankless water heater will last in your home.

As you plan on buying a tankless water heater, pay special attention to a device’s efficiency ratings and reputation with customers, because well, customers never lie.

Installing a Kitchen Faucet on my Own

There are certain things in your house that don’t really require a professional to do. Changing a bulb for instance, or installing a kitchen faucet are things that you can single handedly do on a Saturday afternoon even when you have never done it again. And to the people who fear replacing and old faucet because of the added costs of hiring a plumber, listen very keenly as we shall also look at how you can simply do it.

installing a kitchen faucetYou see, no one has an excuse of not being able to install or replace a kitchen faucet. Well, can you turn off your water source? Are you able to differentiate one side of a wrench from the other? Well, if you answered yes to both questions, you are good to go.

As for the ladies, if you can dirty hands for at least thirty minutes, you don’t really have to call a plumber over to do the job for you. Installing a kitchen faucet is not a tough man’s job anyway. You just need to follow the instructions keenly. Actually, if you are already armed with the right tools and you can do the following few things, you can replace or install your faucet any time from now.

  • You know how to switch off the water supply to your kitchen, for both hot and cold supplies. In many kitchens, you can simply shut off the water supply by turning a lever under the sink.
  • You have all your tools ready- We shall overview the tools you are supposed to have in a few minutes. But if you already know what they are, keep them close to you.
  • Release the water pressure left after turning off the water supply by switching the faucet on and off. This applies to when you are replacing the faucet.

But before you start working on your faucet, here are questions whose answers you need to have.

How many installation holes does your sink have?

how to install a kitchen faucetIn most cases, installing a kitchen faucet with the same number of holes as your sink is very easy. However, even if the number of holes don’t match up, it is still easy to install it. Most of the modern faucets actually require only one hole for installation instead of the three holes many traditional double handle faucets demanded.

When choosing a kitchen faucet, you will see in the specifications the number of holes that that certain model will require. If you don’t have one yet, but searching the market for the best kitchen faucet, I’d recommend you to check out Top Faucets Reviewed for a buying guide, comparison of top products, and more tips on installation, repair and maintenance.

Again, these days it is easy to find plates that you can use to block the holes you won’t require once you install the faucet. Still, with new sinks you could be the deciding factor of how many holes you want drilled for the sake of your faucet.

Are you buying a side sprayer?

Most faucets with a side sprayer require an extra hole for installation purposes, which means that if the faucet will require two holes for installation, the only extra hole will have to be taken by the sprayer. You will also need to know whether your faucet has a water filtration system or you will have to install one, and whether there are any corroded fittings or pipes under your sink. These could translate to more expenses, or could make your new installation leak.

Remove the Old Faucet

Assuming you have been using a faucet all along, turn off the water valve under your sink and get prepared to remove the old faucet. You will require,

  • A wrench
  • A small tray
  • Slip-joint pliers

Step by step process

  1. Once you have disconnected the water supply, reach for the old faucet and unscrew the nuts that holds it firm.
  2. Lift out the old faucet out and disconnect the sprayer hose as well.
  3. Clean up the sink, and all the joints that may have accumulated any debris.
  4. Check if all the nuts are working, if the fittings are okay and pay more attention to the escutcheon cap (works with the hose sprayer).

You are now about to install the new faucet

Step One: Connect the Sprayer Hose

In the case you are using a side sprayer, slip it into the center hole and tighten it up with a wrench. After that, assemble your tools for the new installation. If there are any special instructions from the manufacturer make sure to note them down. Otherwise you may just make all the connections you can before crawling down under your sink.

Step Two: Connect any flexible connectors

Sometimes the length of the cold supply tube may vary from that of the hot supply tube, so try and fix any flexible connectors accordingly for the faucet to get installed properly.

Step Three: Install the Faucet

Seat the faucet once you have all the connectors and supply lines fitted to the center hole. You may then install a washer and a nut under the sink before tightening up all bolts and nuts. After that, if you’re using a tankless water heater or a water filter, you’ll need to connect those fixtures as required.

How I Formed a New Habit in 30 Days (Waking up at 6am)

I enjoy waking up early, well at least for the last six months. Before that, I dreaded mornings. I would set up my alarm at 6am and place it next to me. Immediately it rang in the morning, I would press the snooze button and get back to sleep. And that was my habit since my college days.

how to wake up at 6amNowadays, there is nothing that excites me than listening to the melodious chirps of my pet bird, watching the stunning rays of the sun rise and the early morning dew fall. I have also formed a new hobby for the extra two hours I have after waking up at 6am. There are so many benefits of waking up early.

These days I can mediate and write comfortably on all the things that interests me in life. Actually, I have a past with this hobby. I loved writing when I was younger, but once I fell in love with morning sleep and the job became overwhelming, I kind of gave up. I used to do a lot of food writing. And I still do. For example, you can check out my latest quesadilla recipe. But lately I’ve been shifting into more diverse writing subjects.

I know you also have something you would love to do if you had an extra one or two hours. Unfortunately we all have 24 hours, and you are probably busy throughout the day.

But you see you can only be as busy as you want to be. You can’t have everything you want in life, and that is why you probably have to choose between sleeping until 8.30am or working till late in the evening to achieve your goals. Maybe you probably have the desire to wake up early anyway, but you can’t just help it in the morning. This article is for you.

To show you how I gradually gave up my love for sleeping up to thirty minutes before the official time to arrive at my work place, to comfortably waking at 6am without the help of an alarm, all in thirty days.

There Will Be Mishaps and Relapses

Sometimes when you have a very important thing to do early the next morning, your body will respond by naturally waking you up even before you scheduled wake up time. But that does not always happen, especially if you wake up later than 8am, like I used to.

I remember during my first month trying to wake up earlier, I would set up morning meetings with friends I wouldn’t want to disappoint, and it worked for the days I tried it out. However, the greatest drawback with the method was that since the meetings were not always important, I would relax and tell myself I will do them later.

Stop Procrastination

benefits of waking up earlyYes, procrastination became my thing. I would try waking up early for several days and then I would say, “I can always start next month,” until I realized I didn’t have to form the new habit in a day, not even in a week or two.

After reading several articles that you can slowly form a wake up early habit by adjusting your alarm every day albeit with few minutes, I decided to try it out. On the first day I adjusted my alarm to 7.45am and it stayed that way for a week. Did it work you may ask? No, it didn’t. I got back to procrastination again. Grrr!!

Think of something that excites you

But then I realized waking up didn’t have to be a burden. I had recently learnt how to play an electric guitar, and I really liked it.  My friend had actually said he would help me join a local band if I perfected my art. So, to get motivation every morning, I decided to setup my alarm at 7am for one week, and I would spend one hour each day playing my guitar. From that day, never did I relapse again.

Jump out of bed and, take a glass of water and pee

Immediately my 7am alarm rang, I would jump out of bed, drink some water and pee. Yes, don’t wake up sluggishly. Place your alarm some distance from you, and when it goes off, jump out of bed. After peeing I realized I couldn’t get back to bed again. After all, I really was excited to learn how to play my guitar.

Sleeping Early Helps

Do you love binge watching movies in the evening? I am not saying you quit, but ensure you get to bed before 11pm. A normal human being requires at least 7 hours of sleep time. Early to bed, early to rise, remember?

Avoid Excuses and adjust your schedule

If you think sleeping early might affect your relationship with your spouse, you can both decide to wake up early and exercise or drink coffee together in the morning.

But you may still feel free to adjust things up so that you can have time to enjoy all the things you love and feel excited to wake up early. Like lately, I’ve started working out every day on an inversion table. So this creates perfect extra time in the morning for this.

Is Vacuum Sealing Considered Safe?

It has taken the country by storm, evoked numerous debates at homes and on TV, but left millions putting their health at risk. So, is vacuum sealing considered safe? How does it work? Vacuum sealing is basically the ability to seal food in a low oxygen environment, so that it can stay fresh for longer without being invaded by bacteria or germs.

vacuum sealed foodUsually, food gets bad because of exposure to germs and bacteria, or organisms that thrive in the presence of oxygen. With vacuum sealing however, the rate of food spoilage is greatly slowed down because the amount of atmospheric oxygen in the package tools will get reduced.

This method also limits the growth of aerobic fungi and bacteria especially when used with a combination of other packaging processes and techniques. While this technique sounds safe, vacuum sealing could be a danger to your health as the National Center for Home Food Preservation notes.

It gives a false sense of food safety, because well, there are certain types of bacteria that can survive in very low oxygen environments; like Botulism and Misteria monocytogenes. In fact, these two types of bacteria grow at a faster rate while in low oxygen environments; mainly because there is no competition, and again, that’s their nature. The great danger however is the fact that they don’t affect the smell the looks of your food, which makes them even deadlier.

Before we delve further, just have some facts about bacteria and vacuum sealing you should know:

  • Many food pathogens thrive under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions
  • The longer the vacuum sealing, the higher the risk of anaerobic bacteria- They increase as food stays.
  • Cooking and fermenting food does not really destroy the spore formers.
  • Low PH and aw do not protect against cook chill.

So, do you think vacuum sealing is safe?

Safe Vacuum Sealing

There are numerous types of vacuum packaging devices being marketed out there, and most of them vary greatly in sophistication and ability to vacuum seal food safely. However, as you probably know, vacuum sealing is very different from heat processing for instance. Vacuum sealing requires that you take a lot of precautions especially with the perishable foods, because they are more vulnerable to quick contamination.

is vacuum sealing considered safeBasically as we had earlier noted, vacuum sealing involves removing air from the package’s contents. Why is air removed? Environmental oxygen promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi that could lead to a fast deterioration in the quality of food.

Once oxygen is eliminated therefore, the chances of harmful reaction happening near the food are reduced; and as a result a longer shelf life. However, in most cases, vacuum sealing only eliminates the dangers that you can see or perceive with your senses. For instance, the bacteria that could have changed the color or the smell of food are eliminated, but not the deadly botulism we had talked about earlier.

Why do Health Scientists Insist on Food Refrigeration Before Vacuum Sealing?

Vacuum sealing can be an effective way of extending food’s shelf life when done properly. However, some certain types of foods, especially low acid food stuffs are very vulnerable to the bacteria that grow in anaerobic conditions. You therefore have to freeze or thaw most perishable foodstuffs for more effectiveness. The non-perishable food stuffs crackers are however safe under vacuum sealing.

Effective Vacuum Sealing Tips

  • Wash your hands before handling any food – In fact, try and use clean spoons or anything else but your hands during the vacuum sealing process.
  • Keep your counters and utensils clean.
  • Keep most of the vacuum sealed food in the freezer or refrigerators, with the expectation of non-perishables which can be kept under room temperatures.
  • All low acid foods must be frozen before vacuums sealing- Also always keep such food stuffs in freezers and only heat them when you want to eat.
  • You may label your food sources but most importantly ensure that the seal is complete and free of any debris.

When done properly, vacuum sealed food could stay fresh for up to three years. Yes, your poultry or beef meet, coffee beans and even fish could stay fresh for up to two or three years, while blueberries and raspberries could survive vacuums sealing for a week or two. Be careful with the precautions we had earlier highlighted though. If you wish to vacuum seal meat for instance, ensure it is extremely clean. And when you decide to eat it, be through with the cooking.

Finally, be sure to keep the food stuffs within reasonable times. For example, I often keep the ingredients for my quesadillas vacuum sealed. But I still would use them up pretty quickly. You don’t have to keep the cheese for eight months for instance, and neither should you wait for more than a year before you eat your fish. And as always, if you are in doubt as to whether the food is spoilt, throw it out!

My 30 day Fitness Challenge on an Inversion Table

Ever since I decided to become an early riser, I have found passion in writing, meditating and most importantly working out. I find working out fun and good for my health, and really not as painful as you will see below. So, if you are someone who dreads the “no pain no gain” saying many gym goers keep yelling at us who don’t really visit a physical gym, listen to me keenly.

30 day fitness challengeYou have probably heard about it, or you even have one at home; an inversion table. When I first heard about this table and how it could help you improve your health through simple exercises, I never thought it could one day turn out to be my every morning ritual. In fact, while its uniqueness struck me, my first experience with an inversion table was awful.

I weighed around 100 pounds at the time (probably the result of too many quesadillas, as I love them too much) and with all blood gushing into my head as I tried out some exercises, for a moment I thought I was going to die. I was that weak. But I knew I had to do something about my health, and no wonder I never gave up even after feeling challenged for the first few days. Also, to find time for this workout I also taught myself to wake up earlier. It was also quite a challenge. To read on it you can check out my other article. But it really was an amazing experience.

Today, am going to show you how easy it can be to start a simple fitness challenge with an inversion table. Our challenge will only take thirty days, and if you don’t like it, you may quit. Actually, the inversion workout exercises can be hard on your hips and ankles as you start out. At the time, your body will be in an adjustment mood. It takes time to get used to for sure. But no matter the setbacks, let me share my great experience with you.

My Stress Level Lowered

Earlier on I had mentioned I have not always been an early riser. Back then, I would wake up at 8am feeling very stressed every day because there was always a ton of things to do before work. Nowadays, every morning I sit on my inversion table and feel blood flow into my brain, I always feel relaxed. You know why? Inversion helps oxygen rich blood flow into your brain faster, and thus a better brain function. Just ask anyone who does yoga, it is the same science.

My Back Pains Reduced

When I was technically obese, running for a few minutes would make my back pain. With the help of cycling, simple jogging exercises and the inversion table however, I feel like my back muscles are now relaxed. I used to try some simple upside sit ups and crunches while on the table, get out and do some squats, do some stretching, and in a few weeks, I had changed immensely.

Found the Workouts Easier and Better

fitness on an inversion tableThe greatest benefit with the inversion able is that it helps you do a range of exercises without straining a lot. You know, the reason why weight lifting and some other gym work outs are so difficult is because they involve working against the forces of gravity.

They are beneficial after all, but what if there is a better way to stay fit? Take inverted crunches for instance; they will be part of my 30 days fitness challenge for you. But they are very simple to carry out with an inversion table, because your back isn’t subjected to a lot of pressure.

I had Better Flexibility and Joint Health

The science that makes you develop muscles with little straining with an inversion table is what that also make your joints feel better. Inversion really helped my joints decompress and relax. After only three months, I had already noticed that I had become more flexible than I ever was before.

Okay, enough of my experience. My goal here was to show you how beneficial a short workout program with the inversion table was to me. How those simple upside sit-ups, crunches and squats really helped improve my health. I actually remember how many compliments I got from people who thought I looked younger and healthier after my first thirty days with the program.

But that’s not even the gist of trying out the inversion program. The feeling that I could finally feel comfortable with my weight, feel relaxed and be able to do all the things I loved to do with feeling inconvenienced by having to go to the gym made me feel inspired to help others do something about their health.

Just ditch the “am not athletic” attitude. If you still have nightmares from your failed workout program, this is a whole different thing. It only takes about thirty minutes of your time, and as a beginner, I would probably recommend:

  • Partial Inversion stretching exercises
  • Do plenty of sit-ups
  • Try out Inversion table stretching
  • Inverted squats

Since we are all different, I would also advise that you decide how many rounds you should do for every workout session. After thirty days, just reach out to me and share your experience.

My Favorite Recipe for Quesadillas

Quesadillas have come a long way since they became popular in Mexico. Today, you can try out cheese quesadilla; turkey quesadilla, chicken or even add yesterday’s leftovers to your quesadilla and have your guest screaming out for more at your next cocktail party. In fact, quesadillas can be whatever you want it to be.

Before I give you my favorite quesadillas recipe, which I am very sure you will fall in love with, here are the basics of making a quick quesadillas meal.

  1. how to make a chicken quesadillaUsing a skillet, warm a tortilla and top up with fillings and cheese.
  2. Once everything is warm, fold your flour tortilla gently without breaking it- If you want to get crispy pieces of quesadillas, just use a little amount of oil and butter. Too much oil often leads to a greasy tortilla that will be difficult to fold
  3. Know that temperatures vary, but electric stoves are always quick when cooking quesadillas. Okay, gas stoves can cook fast too, but you will need to adjust the temperatures a little bit higher
  4. Be free to try out fillings from different cultures- Sometimes people feel limited to use South American fillings only. However, as long as your cheese will melt and hold the fillings into proper shape, why get afraid?

Well, here goes my favorite quesadillas delicacy; chicken quesadillas. It is juicy, succulent, yummy and very easy to make. And like preparing tortilla, making a chicken quesadillas for three could take you about forty five minutes. Besides, you will need very few ingredients here. With a pound of skinless, diced chicken breast, one packet of fajita seasoning and ten inches of flour tortillas, you are only one step from making chicken quesadillas!

Additional Ingredients

  • One chopped onion
  • Two chopped red bell peppers
  • Two chopped green bell peppers
  • One table spoon vegetable oil
  • One table spoon bacon bits
  • A packet of shredded Monterey cheese


  1. quesadilla recipePreheat the broiler and grease it with a baking sheet
  2. Place the chicken seasoned with fajita on the baking sheet and cook it on the broiler for about five minutes. Be sure that the chicken is fully cooked however, unless you want your guests never to visit you again. On average, chicken under 1750 C should cook properly in five minutes.
  3. If you have a large saucepan, use it to heat oil for about three minutes. Place the chopped onion and pepper pieces into the oil and wait for about ten minutes after they are all softened.
  4. After you have cut out your tortilla pieces as you desire, layer them onto the vegetable and chicken mixture, and add your fillings on top. In our case, add the bacon bits, cheddar cheese and the Monterey cheese. Be a good cook and watch the food as cheese melts. Also, been keen not to burn the tortilla.
  5. Leave your quesadillas for another ten minutes in the preheated oven just to ensure cheese is properly melted.
  6. Once cooked, you can place them back to the baking sheet. Slice them into wedges and serve your guests accordingly.

While I love chicken quesadillas dearly, I have severally made the following mistakes. Some of them are tempting ingredients you add, or missing a step or two as you prepare the food.

  • Using corn tortillas – People who enjoy tacos will sometime get tempted to make corn tortillas. From my experience with quesadillas however, stick to flour tortillas. They are easy to flip and fold, and are more delicious with the common quesadillas ingredients.
  • Don’t cut your tortilla into two, yet – While this is not a big deal, using two tortillas to prepare quesadillas could prove frustrating as you try to flip them or hold the fillings together. Instead, just add your filling onto half of a spread tortilla, fold it and add more fillings on top.
  • Just keep it simple – I can’t over emphasize the need to limit the use of oil with your quesadillas. In addition, ensure that all your ingredients are proportional, and that the amount of cheese you use will be able to hold everything together.
  • Seafood and cheese don’t always go well together – Don’t get afraid to use them though, especially if you can limit your cheese to proper amounts.
  • Don’t burn your tortilla – They cook very fast, and a single mistake could see you dealing with totally burnt tortillas. They are supposed to be crispy and golden, remember?
  • Don’t let your food get cold  – Quesadillas is always good when warm, if you wait for long, the cheese will harden and make your delicacy look soggy.

The best thing about quesadillas is that you can prepare it any time as long as you have the basic ingredients. Try the meal a few days and it could soon become your staple meal.

This is my favourite recipe. I like it that it’s so simple, yet makes the most delicious meal. And it’s perfect for taking to lunch at work. Since taking up the 30 day challenge of waking up at 6 am, I not only have time to work out on my inversion table, but also sometimes I have enough time to prepare the quesadillas for lunch or dinner for my kids.