Recycling, Resolving & Registering

Well hello 2014…it’s the time of resolutions and challenges and goals.  2014_cardI’ve made goals for as long as can remember.  Lists kept in journals to lose weight, make first chair in band, read more, go to the gym 5 times a week and so many more. This year I’ve broken more of my resolutions than I’d care to admit and need more time on others.  2014 is my time to recycle some old goals for more work, make a few new ones and register of fun things to do this year.


Read the Bible Chronologically.  I’ve had the Chronological Bible for 3 years but never completed it.  I seem to get lost somewhere in March.  This year I have the benefit of having the an app on my phone that I can listen to the passages on all the long trips I make for work.  Bonus: it’s only 101 in 1001 days list, so I kill two birds with one stone.  Boy there are a lot of numbers in that last sentence.

Improve eating and exercising.  Tomorrow marks my one year gym-a-versary.  One year of sweating and getting stronger.  After a bit of slacking during busy Christmas work, I’m excited to start with a new trainer.  I have 3 last sessions before my regular trainer grows up and goes to her first big job.  *Congrats Alicia*  This year my fitness goals change from “just get fit” to more specifics of upper body strength, core, and cardio endurance.
I’m starting Precision Nutrition to help my diet match the hard work I’m putting in at the gym.  A couple of small changes here an there instead of all at once.  They’ll build and I’ll enjoy healthier eating to help with the healthier body.

Blog more.  Just more.  Life has changed and my schedule has as well.  I want to blog but can’t say when or where.  Not even saying it will be consistent.  Carefree blogging is enjoyable and has released some of the anxiety.  I’ll take the time to share the fun and interesting parts when I can and hope you enjoy reading when you can.


Some new resolutions this year.

Money Saving Jar.  It’s always a great idea to save money and then it seems like it takes too much.  Hunni and I are going to do the 52 Weeks Money Saving Challenge.  We started with a fresh dollar coin in the bottom so I can hear the noise…Canadian Loonies and Toonies jingling in my pockets reminds me of money.  I’ve added a second jar for extra bills and stuff we have littering our pockets.  Those dollars usually end up buying snacks or soda…so this does double duty for our savings and healthy.  All the money saved will go towards a big trip we have planned in 2015.

Eat.  So simple, yet so complicated.  I get wrapped up in the day from the moment I get up until I finally sit down and forget to eat.  Lots of people say they wish they could “forget” but I don’t wish it on anyone.  I make bad decisions when eating at 7pm after not eating all day.  It does me no favors.  I’m looking forward to slowly instituting habits helping to avoid the forgetfulness.  Basically a technological string around my finger.

2014 Register

I have 365 days to enjoy and it starts now.  These are 5 little things I’ve wanted to do but writing them down will be the push I need.

  1. Take the Thousand Islands Tour.  I want to enjoy the things this beautiful area has to offer and this is one of them.  All along our gorgeous river and touring Boldt Castle.  I can be the princess if I want, even in my mind.
  2. Get lost in a Hedge Maze.  It’s a gorgeous place that looks like Alice in Wonderland or Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Something I’ve always wanted to do and there is one just down the road…well almost.
  3. Go-Karts.  I can’t ride roller coasters since my back surgery but I’m still an adrenaline junkie.  Bring on Go Karts to beat race Hunni.  Sounds like a fun date day.
  4. Snowshoeing.  Last year we actually broke our snowshoes.  They were a spur of the moment purchase for “us” 4 years ago that we discovered we love.  At the end of last winter we bought a new pair for each of us in a much better brand.  Now it’s time to break open the boxes and enjoy all the snow we have outside.
  5. Read a 12 books.  I’d love to read more but I’m putting on my realistic glasses about my free time.  12 books is a great start and if I read more it’s wonderful for my goal to read my height in books.
  6. Visit Montreal and Ottawa.  Again it’s a matter of proximity.  Each is only two hours away and has such wonderful culture.  I’m Almost Canadian darn-nit and I want to enjoy the real Canada with green spaces and history and FOOOOD!  I’d love to even get to Halifax if possible.

There is so much more I’d love to do and my mind is running circles around it’s own circles on things I want to do.  But I’m going to be honest and set my goals low and be ecstatic when I get to them and surpass.  Bring on 2014…it has to be better than 2013.


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What’s in the Boxing Day Bag

When planning my 101 goals – round 2 – I enjoyed the challenge of finding new goals that would be a combination of fun and a bit tricky.  And some of them I included after reading the Day Zero Project page with lists and finding them intriguing.  I felt a bit weird including number 56 but, why not?  Then putting it into action seemed strange and almost impossible. Enter Boxing Day!  The joy of being almost Canadian and living is Almost Canada is I can actually enjoy the wonder that is Canadian Holidays…including Boxing Day.  A bit like Black Friday but so much better.  It’s an actual holiday, no ridiculous lines for hours before stores open and real deals instead of door busters before the crack of dawn.  I could get used to this.  Thank God for a passport, a bridge pass and funny Canadian money.

Canadian Money

A bit of grocery shopping to restock my fridge, a big cup of Tim Hortons and then off to the mall.  I’m typically a mall wanderer and leave with no bags but I hadn’t been inside a mall in months and needed some shopping to relax me.  I bought a few things and then walked into La Senza.  I typically don’t go for deals at Victoria Secrets because 5 for $25 is a bit pricey for me.  No way I could replace my underwear without spending at least $75 (more like $100+).  But the deal for Boxing Day at La Senza was amazing…10 pair for $30CAD.  With the exchange for that day it made out to about $25 US!  Wahoo, yippee and yeah!  I bought a total of 20 pairs in crossed it off the list.

photo 2 (1)

In some strange way completing this task made me feel like a real lady.  I’d recently been fitted for the right size undergarments and bout clothes that fit so I feel fabulous…even at my current weight.  Wearing things that make me feel good feels like a step in the right direction from days of lounging in sweatpants all day.  I guess some of the little things really do make a big difference.

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